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We collaborate together with your leadership to help create an inclusive environment of well-being. By identifying and helping shift essential aspects of purpose, we integrate a combined unique design into paradigm, curriculum, content, and conversations. Your organization’s employees are empowered in areas of self-esteem, self-awareness and reassurance that impact their work/life performance. Some workshops are single sessions, and others are a series for in-depth learning.

HNC’s Empowerment Consultant works with a team of licensed and certified advisors to create content that is customized to allow a flexible system of frameworks to model and enhance a positive participant experience, suitable to your organization’s culture, with an effective streamlined delivery designed with sustainable rapid transformation in mind.

Content +
Program Development

Strategy Session
Design Session
Development Session
Tracking + Evaluation
Assessment Facilitation

Coaching +
Strategist Relationship

Intention Coaching ™
Executive Coaching
Group Coaching
Game Planning Session
Leadership Forum

Connections +
Experience Conversation

Conscious Conversations
Immersive Experiences
Q&A Sessions + Office Hours
Collaboration Platform


Your organization can integrate our platform into your already existing programs for a mutually benefitting partnership. HNC Empowerment Consulting provides inner healing as a collaborative, community-oriented effort that helps individuals thrive to become a support system for all. Our empowerment wellness services programs are all led by licensed and clinically trained professionals, certified life and wellness coaches and career strategists in the field who provide a vital attribute that will benefit your organization’s cultural growth. We provide evidence-based resources for the members in your organization to disrupt the status quo of well-being balance and social injustices in order to bridge self-care to community-care from a mental, physical and personal growth standpoint that creates a win/win.


HNC Empowerment Consulting focuses on helping communities of other organizations such as employers, employee resource groups or independent support group associations that have a need for our customized programs as an extended arm to facilitate the development of a powerful psychological environment. This is accomplished through a unique step-by-step methodology provided through our discovery workshops, webinars and online masterclasses. Designed specifically with a framework that helps individuals conquer obstacles, solve problems, and resolve conflicts by instilling wisdom that relates to physical health and mental wellness balance, this is achieved with impact to personal well-being, leadership, and vocational skills. By incorporating evidence-based programs developed as empowering techniques from certified and licensed skilled professionals, we help your organization better support the healthy balance and emotional safety of members within your teams. The framework, timeframe, and frequency are at the discretion of your organization.

Idea Example – for Leadership and Vocational Framework and Timeframe:

Game Plan Session – QUARTERLY

Goal Setting + Action Planning
360° Assessment feedback exercises with objective to create concise, clear goals and game plan
achieving leadership development goal setting for the cycle.

International Coaching Session – BI-MONTHLY

Guidance + Support
30 to 60 minute private
1-on-1 strategist session
to provide leadership and executive coaching to support and increase intentional level goals.

Listening & Connection Session – MONTHLY

Deliberate Discussions Immersive Experiences,Conscious Conversations and Cohort Collaboration sessions designed to expand critical thinking and connect with the content that deepens transformative abilities.

Development Session – MONTHLY

Skills and topic-based sessions designed to deepen leadership,
personal growth insights, strengthen competencies and discuss learning.

Celebrate & Complete Cycle Session – QUARTERLY

Reflect on goals, progress, and accomplishments that highlight the wins and identify the lessons to take into the next cycle.
The program will include a capstone presentation.

Idea Example for Mental Wellness – Workshops & Topics to Consider:


Mental Wellness Virtual Sessions

Perfectionism is linked to an increase in burnout, anxiety, and depression. Our men-
tal wellness workshops address and explore how perfectionism manifests and how it

impacts one’s productivity and quality of life. Workshop provides tools for boundaries,
balance to create and manage realistic standards for oneself that increase self-esteem
and mitigate stress and burnout. Bite-sized learning with actionable resources. All
sessions include room for breathing exercises, engagement, and Q+A. Participants also
receive a reflective workbook to accompany the session. Combined with a live virtual
licensed wellness coach and psychologist, wellness videos, and group interaction.


Mental Wellness Virtual Sessions

DEI – Racial Wellness Sessions

Recognizing environment
allyship with the power, and privilege, knowing the signs of oppression, and strategies for navigating combative conver-sations about exclusion in an environment. Strategies to cope with racial trauma, insight for allies on cultivation of inclusivity in the workplace or school.

Self-Compassion Anxiety Management Sessions

Understanding of a coping
methodology for stress and anxiety around goal attainment and personal growth. Learning how to manage day today. Identify triggers. Attaining
coping skills.

People Pleasing Mental Wellness Syndrome Sessions

People-pleasing is a stress response, but the problem is that it only induces more stress and disrupts our ability to make meaningful connections with others. An understanding of poor, rigid, and healthy boundar-ies, scripts on how to set bound-aries, and tools for regulating the body under stress.

Stress Burnout Recovery Series

Learning the difference between chronic stress burnout complex,learning how to connect to the body’s stress response, and strategies to mitigate burnout in the home, workplace or school environment to increase mental efficiency, balance and satisfac-tion while managing burnout and depressive symptoms.



Q. Do your workshops include resources?

Yes, you’ll receive a reflective workbook that includes a summary, learning points, and practical strategies for on-the-go learning and application. 

Q. Are your workshops virtual sessions?

All of our workshops are designed to be facilitated virtually which consist of 60-minute sessions that cultivate a community space through engaging activities, group breakout sessions with Q+A time and more. 

Q. What is the difference between the virtual group session workshops and the online masterclasses?

Group Sessions – A 60-minute listening session with actionables in active and takeaway group participation is designed to be a safe space where an intimate group of women (25 max.) can freely express their emotional injuries and distress while dealing with life challenges. The HNC Wellness Hub allows individuals  to experience invigorating mind-body healing with hands-on wellness services and evidence-based coping practices. Think of this as your mini-retreat from the day-to-day right from your home.  The HNC Wellness Hub also provides well-being management that is divided into three parts addressing mental and physical.

Online Portal – The self paced online course is in a self-study format with an individual login portal, designed to help create the blueprint of one’s life. Working self-paced courses with a strategist coach trained to help identify roadblocks along the journey includes the combined experience masterclass through a mastermind group session to help support self-study, with follow-up group strategy sessions.



Q. Do you offer customized workshops if there is a topic we are interested in that isn’t listed?

Yes! During our discovery consultation call we can address your organizational needs through a developing and fact-finding meet and greet session. For example: Your group association is geared towards “family matters” where we would tailor a structured customized program that focuses and addresses content, resources, workshop models and subject matter experts to speak, train and teach on that specific topic. Please note that customized workshops require a 4-6 week advance notice.

Q. We aren’t sure which workshop is suitable for our organization/team. How does HNC assist in this area?
In our discovery session we will conduct a deep dive with critical information gathering to determine your organizational needs, wants and vision for the type of workshop option best suited to help your organization or decide if a customized workshop is a better approach. We also facilitate focus groups and feedback from your teams to help design a learning and development curriculum that suits your organization’s needs.


Ready to Get Started?




As you know, work/life balance means striving for healthy integration of competing work and personal priorities. HNC Empowerment Consulting can help your employees, organizational association groups, and DEI platforms nurture healthy habits from our webinars, workshops or online courses. This serves to diversify their individual self-awareness, leadership, and embody intelligence to engage intentionally and powerfully own their presence with impactful results, while passionately striving for greater purpose and common goals of the organization from a place of well-being using a transformation cycle approach.

Shift 01

Discovery Fact Finding:
Understanding of the organization culture, objective and desired
• Strategize to select program content, delivery method, and program
cultural structure format (keynote, workshop, breakwork, etc.)

• Fact finding to make recommendations, and we’ll create the blue-
print based on the desired needs that will best serve you

• Aligned for facilitation of your project and set up a point of contact
for your project manager to get acclimated.

Shift 02

Review Details:
Review and discuss the structure/flow.
• Selection of coaching session mix (group workshop, coaching levels and
• Digital download or digital learning management system access for on-demand program delivery.
• Number of sessions offered and frequency and expected number of participants for each session.
• Finalize other logistics such as date, location, etc., and project proposal
which includes our finalized quote and other detailed information.
• Final review with contract agreement and required deposit.

Shift 03

The Contract Phase:
When we are in the contract phase our work will begin. Our services
will include:
• A project outline detailing the deliverables and processes
• Information being covered in the selected program webinar, workshop or online discovery portal

• One round of revision requests, two additional complimentary discov-ery calls based on request.

What We Need To Do To Get Started?




Meet with a member of our team who will help you identify your organization’s learning needs, provide recommendations, and develop an effective learning plan to help you reach your goals and desired outcomes.

Select coaching session mix (group, coaching levels and style),
number of sessions offered and frequency.


Every organizational culture is different, which means the demands of the workplace environment will uniquely impact your teams. This is why we feel it is important to correlate with your mission using a customized approach and mold our curriculum to fit your organization’s needs to empower em-ployees with a broad range of powerful solutions.

Strategize and assess organization to select program content,
delivery method, and program structure to fit culture,
operating logistics, status check-ins and result tracking from
individual feedback to group surveys.

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” We are honored to partner with you to strategize programs that will effectively enhance economic advancement rooted in inclusion, diversity and equality. This expands and accomplishes the objectives that impact work, school and life growth, which address the complete wholeness of an individual’s well-being. We look forward to connecting with your organization. “


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